Social Media Consulting

Are you a bit confused about the different Social Media platforms out there these days?

Perhaps you are unsure what may be the best fit for you personally or your business?

Let us take you through a brief explanation of several of the largest and most popular social media platforms available to you today.

Twitter: Twitter is a “micro blog” platform which means Twitter’s focus is on a short message delivered in 140 characters or less. (A typical written page is 500 words.) Twitter at a minimum is a natural extension of your company’s “signage” on the Internet and a valuable component of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). At a maximum, Twitter can help you bring in new customers, strategic partnerships and drive sales. In between the minimum and maximum, Twitter will 100% get your brand in front of new and existing customers, drive web traffic to your website, serve as a sounding board for your company’s core competencies and become a valuable component of your overall marketing strategy. Twitter has over 360 million users offering the opportunity for you to market inexpensively.

Linkedin: LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website in the World and the most influential social media site. LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B (Business To Business) tool available to any business person ranging from owners to employees and those unemployed. LinkedIn is both easy and complicated to use. To get the most out of LinkedIn, you will need expert help and advice.

Facebook: Facebook is the largest social website in the world with over 1 billion users spending an hour a day on Facebook. Facebook is not just a resource for getting in touch with old friends and acquaintances. Facebook provides an opportunity to build a RELATIONSHIP with your customers and other business contacts without tying up much of your time. Facebook is essential in marketing your business and building loyalty among your customers.

Google +: Google is the most powerful force on the Web and both you and your company want to be in the ride side of that force, as in, you want to be aligned with Google. Google runs several social media platforms including Google +, Blogger, and YouTube all of which can be effective in driving traffic to your company website, improving SEO, and managing your reputation.

Blogs: Blogging provides several tremendous opportunities for you to increase your brand awareness, industry expertise, and increase your overall online presence thus securing your company reputation. More and more companies are using various blogging platforms each day to connect with their customers and potential customers. Not understanding how to navigate the blogosphere, a lack of content for writing inspiration, time constraints, or an inability to communicate a thought in writing are just some of the reasons companies do not utilize this opportunity to grow their brand. We take care of everything for you from choosing the correct front end for your blog, to topics, to drafting and posting content as well as responding to comments. You ultimately decide on what you want to say, we do the rest.

Directories: There are several hundred directory lists available to the small business owner some of which are free, some that charge a fee, and yet some that charge a fee but have hidden ways for you to “claim” your company for free in that particular directory. As a whole, a directory with many landing pages within it, can become powerful and rank high on search engines like Google. We believe the Internet is heading in the direction of “local” and the power of being listed on proper local directories will be essential to your company marketing needs and reputation moving forward. We work to protect your company image by following the current trends and staying up on what is gaining credibility with the search engines while learning the cost effectiveness of every Directory and their up-sell campaigns.

Local: We take the position that the Internet is making a gradual shift to “Local” where WOM (Word Of Mouth) marketing will be crucial for any small business owner. We are experts in all things local including Yelp whose sphere of influence is growing daily. We specialize in working with your company to develop a core list of local followers and admirers. As a liason for your company we work to bring your loyal customers appreciation to the forefront in a nonaggressive manner. We have experience in tailoring advertising campaigns and rewards specifically for your most loyal and local customers.

Reputation Management: We take the position that an ever increasing number of potential customers will “Google You” or search for your company prior to visiting your business location. Whether you are a dentist, a doctor, or a local sporting goods store, your customers will often check you out online before they ever visit your store. This is where managing your online reputation is important. Your goal should be to occupy all the essential real estate on page 1 and 2 of a Google search. It doesn’t matter how someone found your name or your company , via whatever channel of “Word of Mouth” they are now looking you up and checking out your web presence. Research shows that 94% of the people who search for something specific do not search past the first 10 listings which make up the first page. We take the position that when searching for a specific person and not a “thing”, that number is smaller. So in other words, when people search you personally, greater than 6% will go on to page two and the next ten listings for a search of your name. The point is, by having a greater presence than just your company website, you are showing your audience that you are current and relevant. Think of the old days when Yellowpages was the norm and bigger, more expensive, advertisements garnered more attention.